Smart Building Controls


Peterson’s automated, web-based systems give facility directors and owners control over their heating and cooling units. Our customers are able to monitor systems and respond to alarms from local or remote locations.

The smart controls can be scheduled for occupancy and the configurations can be changed remotely.

We work with clients to maximize every advantage that comes with these systems to reduce energy and business operating costs.

Advantages of working with Peterson Services Company includes:

  • We are fully trained to design, install and service a variety of building automation control systems.
  • American Auto-Matrix (AAM) Partner.
  • Honeywell ACI Partner.
  • Specialists in customer integrations (Carrier, Trane Tracer, Invensys, Johnson Controls, Metasys).
  • We help clients with set up and management of Card Access Systems.
  • Assist customers in transitioning from proprietary control systems.
  • Help clients reduce energy costs through user programmable sequences.
  • Our staff engineers (LEED AP) provide programming.
  • We customize web pages for each project.
  • Clients receive a centralized, web-based system management for monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • We provide system replacements or major mechanical retrofits.